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Testing moodtheme, created by the wonderful prettybutt . AWESOME huh!! I love it so much!
It's handsome Nathan, HAVEN. If you haven't watched the show yet, do it now.
I wish I can use all these moods at the same time XD

I've been busy capping and making interest icons. So uninspired though.
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Guys, my iphone just arrived.

It's the most gorgeous thing I've ever seen!!

Soo in love with my iphone


Still spazzing about my Daily Deviantion haha <3

Today was my last official "schoolday" week final presentations and essays etc :( I have soo much to do :(

Off going to shop for a new desk for in my room. I'm going to re-decorate my bedroom this summer. *excited*

WTF @ the weather...stupid!
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LMFAO 3-0!!!

Where were you Thierry Henry? You better play this Friday my love haha. A friend and I are fangirling him XD This Friday it's going to be Holland - France. So when France is scoring a goal we are sooo gonna cheer for them!! We are so badass haha XD

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 Heeeya :)

This is going to be a very happy happy post :)

1. I've been literally stucked on my new tv. It's a full HDTV...gossssssssh so darn beautiful. It's hugeeeee and the sound/screen is a-mazing *gah* my dad and friends were watching the EK all weekend :) It's lots of fun. Can't wait till tomorrow when it's going to be Hollands turn :) The whole city here is decorated in Orange.

2. I just ordered my new phone. My current mobile is kinda dead and now I ordered an IPHONE!!!! *IZDED* Been wanting that for ages!! iphone iphone iphone iphone

3. Bought a new MIU MIU's soooo gorgeous!! It will arrived later this week.

I'm going to make pictures yall :)

4. LOL, I knew I missed something yesterday. I decided to go to bed early but I missed the Korean Dream Concert 2008, which you can watch it live btw. ( besides my love for all the american tvshows I have another love for Korean Drama/Pop etccc...) BUT LOl, ooh the drama with Cassiopeia, ELF, Triple S, Wonderfuls. When it was SNSD time to perform, all the fans from other groups decided to turn off their light sticks/be quiet/or just shout for some other bands name. Which is really kinda low btw :O You must really watch the fancam, only the SNSD fans were cheering for their favorite group SNSD and the whole stadium was like DROP DEAD!!! Korean fans are scary!!! The fangirls were punching and stabbing each other at the concert. OMG. And the rival bashing at
pffffff :P Kinda amusing reading all those comments btw hahaha :)

5. Save the best for last:
ONLY 1 week SCHOOL LEFT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!